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Nice beginning ! Keep on doing your best.

Have tried it on Argon (emulator for Android) and it mostly works -- it would help to have a new wave of enemies automatically generate rather than needing the space bar to trigger that (which would also then make it "couch compliant")

Funny, the first time I played it, I thought I was the ship on the bottom, not the top ;-)

Look forward to a version with sound!

Thanks, btw if you could enable artifacting I think it adds to the colors.  I'm playing around with fastbasic to see how far I can go with it.

Yes, we can enable artifacting by setting a flag on the server for a particular game. That would get the arttifacted color, at the expense of the text characters then looking blurry. Another approach you could  look into would be to use the antic graphic modes that are 4 color without artifacting (the pixels are 2 color clocks wide, and 1 scan line tall). ie, Antic mode $E